Your Clients Aren’t Investing in You

It’s only a little about you…

When your client is ready to do the work or indulge in your offering (if you sell fancy things that are more for pleasure than function), they are wanting something for THEMSELF.

For example, I knew I needed something strengthening/centering for myself so I could work better and consistently show up. Having a daily morning yoga and pilates routine was what called to me.

I don’t do well with videos on demand. So I knew I needed a livestream option. I decided to go all in and do a monthly pass at my local studio I used to enjoy.
It’s not cheap, and that made me feel more committed!

Yes, I love to support small local businesses and this studio is super friendly and I feel like they do a good job of teaching more depth of yoga practice, it’s more than just a “workout”.

BUT when I signed up for the membership, I was investing in MYSELF! I feel aligned with them, but as a customer, it was for me, THROUGH them.

Now back to YOU. If you can remember this: Your service is here to support your clients in what they want. Let them invest in themselves.

It’s actually not about you. And when you let go of the belief that they’re investing in you, it shifts your energy from NEEDY (or even GUILT) – to GENEROUS and ABUNDANCE when you’re speaking with potential clients or interacting with actual clients.

Let me know if this resonates with YOU! 💗

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