Why Coaching and Why With Me?


This work transformed my business from struggling and burning out to thriving and fun (like I envisioned when I started!). 


I’ve seen the results for me and my clients.


Taking your business to the next level requires a shift in mindset and approach:

  • Elevating out of “the competition”.
  • Letting go of the wrong clients.
  • Stepping into the version of you that runs your business like a BOSS, with ease and grace.

We’ll create massive breakthroughs that help you dial in (and level up) your niche, form premium offerings and establish boundaries that demand respect for your time and you. 


You know what the key to being valued by your clients is?


It’s valuing yourself.

Step into your power and confidently charge fees that align with your value so that you can thrive.

Early on in my business, I used to believe that I needed to charge low prices and take every client possible in order to be successful. But that was a recipe for being underpaid, overworked and exhausted. 

Sound familiar?

After I invested in myself with coaching,  I was able to charge more, get booked out with top tier favorite clients and priorize time for self-care.

I want you to know that you can do this too!

Ready to make your business work for you?

Schedule your free Business Breakthrough Session, right NOW. Find out what’s holding you back and walk away with actionable tips for improving your business.

Hi, I’m Jill! I’m a business and money mindset coach with over a decade of experience in holistic wellness and creative arts. I integrate a blend of intuitive magic, neuroscience and soulful alignment methods that are grounded in highly practical, proven results. I like to call it: Practical Magic.

Hi, I’m Jill! I’m a business and money mindset coach with over a decade of experience in holistic wellness and creative arts. I integrate a blend of intuitive magic, neuroscience and soulful alignment methods that are grounded in highly practical, proven results. I like to call it: Practical Magic.

Check out the results my clients are getting!

Jill is a powerful, transformational, intuitive coach. She holds me accountable and actually helps me take massive action, which is the #1 thing that leads to massive results. She has helped me grow exponentially, and I wouldn’t be where I am now in my business without her. She is indispensable and if you want to make YOUR life & biz dreams a reality, you need to have her on your team as your coach. Your wealthier, happier, future Self will thank you!

Leila Hossein-Khani – Quantum Wealth Mentor

I felt like I had a temporary block on connecting to the energy of money.
So I wanted to get back on track financially by actually opening up and receiving a boost of money.

I’ve been studying different kinds of money coaching and I like the approach and exercises Jill does because it was a new, fresh way. I got to the exact specifics of what I want to achieve and where I want to go, of what I want to manifest.

I had a following 15k month, so the results couldn’t have been more clear than that, pretty darn concrete!

Working with Jill reinforced my faith in the whole coaching industry – No matter what level you’re on, what work you’re doing or where you are in your own journey, getting coaching is just the best feeling. Having somebody really focus into your work and help you see it with novel eyes is so incredibly value.

I like her style of being very precise in her questions and also nailing down what will it look like and when, so it’s not just fluffy.

She’s humble and not pushy but asks the right questions so you can see those patterns that you have temporarily lost sight of, or reframes questions so that you think how you can do certain things differently. I love working with Jill!

Toini Halle – Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor

When I first started coaching with Jill, my biggest problem was the money mindset and what was possible, I knew it was possible but I didn’t embody it. I am now much further than I’ve ever been with my abundance mindset.

Jill helped me with the challenge of having a sales conversation. She modeled that it could be free flowing, sincere and compassionate, as opposed to a hard sell or a I’m-after-the-money greed thing. Her enthusiasm, patience and support has greatly helped with this challenge and she gets me.

Coaching has expanded my business and my mindset in ways that I needed to expand, deeply feeling into being that CEO of my business and taking ownership.

I’m no longer trying to follow what other coaches are saying in their email marketing, “you should do it this way!” These coaches are marketing around pain points, and it drags you down. I was swimming in that for a while but Jill’s coaching has helped me out of that.

Definitely work with Jill because she is a fun, compassionate and skilled coach that makes it easy to have insights and breakthrough in whatever you’re talking about.

Mindy Schlimgen – Soul and Strategy Coach

“Jill really takes the time during a session to understand what the root cause is of any block or issue. I practically floated out of her office when she finished with me (I even forgot my car keys I was so blissed out).I can’t stop recommending her to everyone I know…Jill even did a powerful distance healing session when my mom was in the hospital that accelerated her healing time! She’s the real deal. Working with her will help you move from stuck or stressed to total alignment.”

Carla Holden – Lifestyle Blogger & CEO

“Working with Jill helped me to make better decisions and take more definitive actions to better myself. The most consistent benefit I have gotten out of our sessions together is a greater sense of clarity. They have helped me to have some major revelations about my life.

Jill’s ability to link physical symptoms with emotional stress and trauma is absolutely amazing. Identifying the emotional causes behind physical symptoms has helped me to get to the root of the problems.

I would absolutely recommend her to people who are having a physical issue and would like to get to the root of the emotional stuff that they need to work through in order to help alleviate it. I totally trust Jill’s intuition!”

Randy Bannon – Reiki Master

“Honestly, my life is totally different this year, compared to last. I feel both the supportive coaching and therapeutic reiki have been integral in those changes.

Jill’s sincerity, kindness and ability to listen was wonderful.  Her persistence, clarity, and dedication have allowed me to be more open to help in general which has benefited every part of my life. I recommend Jill to everyone I find that may need her…She’s wonderful!”

Laura Drago – Acupuncturist

Jill has been a key element in my health & healing journey. She carves out a safe space to share what’s going on in your life and health to focus on those things during your session.

She goes above and beyond and I always leave a reiki session with her more open, in tune, and in alignment. The following days after the session, even more so. And I personally love that she combines essential oils that enhance the whole experience for me. Calming, restorative and strengthening. She truly has a gift and I’m so glad she shares it with us through her heartfelt healing business.

Shannon Thompson – Brand Strategist

Jill is AMAZING!  I had never done of Reiki or Chakra balancing before.  After my first session I was sold!  I booked work that I hadn’t been able to book in a long time.  I recently saw Jill again and the same exact thing happened.  I booked work again.  She’s 2 for 2 and I’ve never been busier at work.  I HIGHLY recommend Jill.

Yvonne Valadez – Actress

It was important for me to know that Jill had my best interest at heart, and that she had the knowledge and experience necessary to help me reach my goals.

I love that Jill is friendly and approachable. She makes sure there is always a positive push that keeps me moving toward my goals.

Working with a coach like her truly makes a difference – the accountability, professional knowledge and intuitive guidance are awesome!

Sonja-Sophie Loeffler – Coach


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