Hi there, I’m Jill – Story Director and Visibility Coach for Female Entrepreneurs.

I can help you find and craft relatable stories to tell + show up with your face (on video), so your ideal clients quickly connect emotionally to you and your offer.

I combine my backgrounds as an actor, coach and energy healer to create a gentle, fun approach of part theatre training, part coaching and part energy work.

Your stories matter.

The stories you share outwardly create connection with clients and collaborators.

The inner stories you tell yourself navigate how you show up in the world.

If you’re reading this, I have a feeling that you have a calling to show up in a bigger way, to be more visible so you can connect and serve more of the people who need your work.

But you might be shy to speak up, or be seen, and feel unclear on the art of storytelling to entertain and move the hearts of your audience.

I help you to mine and refine both your inner and outer stories.

So you can show up authentically to share your unique take on things.

We weave together your gifts, life and business experiences plus your personal sparkle to create memorable and magnetic stories to share.

You’ll feel more confident showing up on video, speaking to groups and glowing as a beacon for others you’re here to work with and inspire.


What Kind of Rest Do You Need?

What Kind of Rest Do You Need?

Rest is something that's been coming up in sessions a lot lately…and so many of us deeply need this. Not just sleeping. There are many different ways you can rest. And sometimes it’s not lying down, sometimes it’s actually moving around if you sit a lot.  ...

If the Plan Doesn’t Work

If the Plan Doesn’t Work

Do you even notice how you can have the best strategy in the world but if you don’t have your brain on board, it will sabotage your plans? Managing your brain is the most important thing. When I learned to recognize how my brain was trying to stop me from moving...