Well hello, nice to meet you…

I’m Jill, a Story Director, Visibility Coach and have been practicing Reiki regularly since 2010.

Why I do this work

So many amazing people are moving through life feeling less than they truly are. It’s preventing them from shining their light and fully embracing their power to move confidently through the world.

I believe the world needs more compassionate healers, trailblazers, artists and rebels from the status quo. Everything I do is to help them live in unapologetic alignment with who they are and empower them to thrive.

We need more light in this world and by embracing and sharing yours, you create a ripple effect out and beyond the people you connect with, inspiring change in others you don’t even know about. 

5 things you might wanna know about me:

I have 3 boy cats. They’re hilarious.

I’ve been vegan for 20 years.

I’m a left handed ambivert.

I have a Theatre degree and performed improv/sketch comedy with Second City Hollywood’s conservatory program. Improv was one of the best investments in my personal development.

Fun and curiosity are high on my values list and I try to incorporate them into everything I do and teach.

Most photos of Jill on this site by Jenn Hernandez Photography.

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