Ways To Move Your Service Business Online During the Quarantine

Feeling the quarantine strain on your service-based business? Hands-on business is tough right now. There are alternatives you can offer at home though! Here are some possible ways to transition your business online via video meetings if you’re a hands-on business:


Massage therapists, chiropractors: Offer consultations and walk your client through a series of exercises for their specific issue that they can do while on the call with you.


Acupuncturists: Offer consultations, tongue readings, pressure points for them to do, oil, herbal, food, drink suggestions.


Energy healers: Offer consultations, distance healing (if you use a type of energy that can be done that way), crystal suggestions, oil suggestions, guided visualizations, breathing exercises…


Hair stylist/makeup artist: Offer consultation, one on one tutorials for hair and makeup for them to do, with you suggesting colors, style, tools, updos, fun and fabulous things for a quarantine photo shoot, maybe having a group get together with one person and a few of her friends and you can teach them a style or makeup tricks, color combining, styles for their face shape, etc. and they can get dolled up with you and the group for an online party (people need entertainment!).


Performers: Teach a class or offer private one on one classes for people you’ve performed for before or that follow you or on your list. Again, people need entertainment! Do you dance or perform something they need sophisticated tools for? “Dumb it down” for newbies or get creative with things they could use in their home for substitute props.


Yoga or dance instructor: Move your classes online – I’ve been on some that have had over 20 people on there and it almost feels like an in-person class. Consider opening up the platform to doing a chat at the end with everyone for 5 minutes or so. People are wanting to chat!


Bartenders: Host a live cocktail making class! Give a few days notice so they can get supplies that you make a list for.


And if none of these apply to you…what is something you know how to do that you could teach, or be of service with that you may not normally do but know how to? (continued in comments)


You don’t have to be the world’s best expert at it! Get out a piece of paper and brainstorm all the things you know or are naturally good at. You might not even think it’s valuable because it comes so naturally to you.


We have amazing technology (Zoom is my personal fave for meetings and classes) and the ability to be live with people from our own home, so there is so much possibility. You just have across into this new dimension. It’s never been easier to receive payments also. It’s all set up and waiting for you to bring your unique gifts and spirit to people that are looking for what you have to offer! They might not even know it yet 😉


To my heart-centered business owner friends: Please don’t feel like you have to give away your work for free because of the quarantine. You still need to pay rent, eat and live. Just because celebrities are performing free concerts doesn’t mean people expect you to work for free (celebrities are still receiving royalties and most likely have a nice cushion of money). Many people are still working their regular career jobs from home. They are happy to support their local small businesses and service providers. 

Of course if you feel like offering deals or donation-based options for people that really need it, do it.

Charging a livable rate for your services is self care.

Have fun, be kind to yourself and reach out for help if you need it. Working from home takes discipline and can be challenging especially if you don’t have someone to hold you accountable or give you direction when you’re your own boss. Sometimes just telling a friend what you want to do, by when and then having them check back in with you is helpful for getting going.


Let me know if you need help (leave a comment or send me an email), and also share what you’re doing with your business in quarantine


If you’re a healer, coach or service business owner, come over and join my new FB group, Soulful Money Makers where we can commune and I offer coaching and support with business and money mindset. Sending love and light to you!

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