Why you might not be manifesting your dreams…and what to do about it.

Do you ever feel like you’re having trouble making your dreams happen?

I’m gonna share with you why you might be having trouble manifesting them and what to do about it. Check out the video to find out.


The 3 areas to focus on that were mentioned in the video are:

1. Action – also movement. You gotta move to get things flowing. Sitting and wishing is not a viable way to manifest. It may work sometimes but mostly you gotta do your part.

2, Approach – also strategy. You need this to be clear a well tested (through action) to get what you want. Give it enough time and repetition to see if it is good or not. Then you can change your approach. It’s all data!

3. Mindset – also belief. You need this to keep you moving and keep you open to trying approaches and taking actions. Don’t be attached to the outcome, be interested in the action and stay curious. Keeping it fun and enjoying the challenge or journey will make it easier to stay in flow state, where magical things happen for you. Don’t wait until you get your mindet right to start. Taking action can give you confidence and feed your mindset!

Mindset Tools

Affirmations – speak kind and encouraging words to yourself, either as your own coach or friend, using things like, “You can do this”, “good job taking action”, etc, OR you can speak with yourself, like, “I can do this”, “I’ve been training for this for years and I know I can do it”, etc.

Visualization – visualize yourself already having or doing what you want. Do it often, when you wake up or go to bed is a great time but anytime is good!


If you’d like additional help with this,  grab my free Heart’s Desire Meditation – to help you connect with what you want and bring it closer to you. It’s right at the top of this page.


Let me know in the comments what you want to make happen and I’ll send some good energy your way! 

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