What if you are exactly where you need to be right now in your life?

There’s no “being behind” in your own journey.


Everything you’ve been through and where you are now is part of your evolution. 


Even if you feel stuck! 


This is a place where you get to try new ways, where you are searching, curious, learning, open to possibility. This is a place where you get wisdom, that you can share with others and help them.


Thinking that we’re behind makes us feel more behind – which isn’t helpful for moving forward and kills momentum.


Try on thinking you’re exactly at the step you need to be in. 


See how that feels.


It doesn’t mean you don’t want to change or progress.


It gives you room to breathe. 


Full breaths are where we get the power to be conscious, clear and move forward from a grounded state (and it feels gooood).

Featured Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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