No one’s paying that much attention to you…and that means freedom

No one's paying that much attention...and that means freedom!

When you think about your social media or even your outfit, no one really notices if you posted or wore that a week ago. 


I have clients tell me, “you’re so good at showing up on social media and being consistent”…meanwhile I’m taking social media courses and working with a marketing coach because I want to show up more consistently! 


People are not paying attention to if you show up every day. 


Just like people don’t remember what outfit you were wearing last time they saw you – unless it was particularly noteworthy like a costume, even then, don’t bet on it! 


Think about it, your friend you saw a week or so ago, what were they wearing? 


What was the last day they posted on social media and what about (unless it was today and really fresh in your mind – what was the day before that)? 


What was the last email you received from someone who you’re on their email list?


You have the freedom that no one remembers so repost that post that resonated with your audience, talk about the same thing in slightly different ways over and over. 


Don’t overthink your outfit. 


Send that email.


 Information is coming in fast and hot these days and people need to be reminded of what you have to share, what offers you have, and sometimes that you exist – even if they really like you!


I’m not saying this is great, I’m just saying it’s what is. 


So show up without overthinking because you have so many chances to do it again and doing it again is actually in service to the people who need you.


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