How to get clients outside of social media

No one's paying that much attention...and that means freedom!

Here are 10 places to find your clients without social media:


1. Meetup groups – groups you are interested in and the people that are in it would be interested in what you have to offer or know people who do.


2. Events or trade shows – If it’s your niche or serving people in your niche and fulfilling a different thing than what you do, even better. Go and mingle or invest in a booth. You could partner with someone for the booth that has the same niche but offers a different type of service – one that’s complimentary to yours is even better.

3. Local businesses – that could be interested in your service or have clients that you would be helpful to but you offer something complementary to what they do.

4. Referral partners – same idea as the local business but can be online as well. You could offer a referral fee or if you have enough people to refer to them as well you can have a referral partnership.

5.  Courses online or in person – take a course you’re interested in where your ideal client would go too. 

6. Offer to do a speaking gig – you can do this online or in person. Again looking for places to speak where your ideal client would be connected to.

7.  Guest blog or write an article for a publication that your ideal client reads – You can leverage their larger audience and give the blog or publication some new content for their page. For this type of work it’s good to have a free gift (opt in freebie) for the reader to get on your email list and start the relationship building.

8.  Host a gathering – a beach meditation, a hike, weave in a little bit of what you do and make it a fun event that people can invite their friends to. Take photos and put it on your website/blog. Save for the next event so you can put it in the invitation. You can post the invite at any of the referral places above. Personal invites are best for getting people to your event though.

9.  Current or past clients – send them a special deal for anyone they want to refer. A gift or discount for the new person and a referral incentive for them – like a discount for each person they refer or some special bonus if you can’t or won’t offer discounts – for example: free session or mini session for every 2-5 people they refer.

10. Everywhere – Talk to people, tell them what you do (in a small simple way that’s easy to understand and for them to tell others later). Go meet people. Say yes to events, coffee meetups, anywhere you can meet people online or in person (if it’s safe). You never know where your next client will meet you or who you will meet that will tell your next client about you. 


Don’t go out looking for clients, go out looking for connections.


Give back! Be a great referral source for others and you will have many people that want to help you and your business, too.

Photo by: Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

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