How I Complicated My Earliest Coaching Business

How I complicated my first coaching business

Making things complicated is a trick humans like to do to ourselves. One of my clients recently was separating what she offered into different compartments even though they complimented each other so well!


That reminded me of me many years ago when I first started coaching. I was a new health coach. I had had my reiki and energy healing practice for several years. I had a great list of clients and for some reason, I wanted to start health coaching as a separate business. 


I got a totally different website, photos, email, everything! I was set on not combining them. I could not wrap my head around having an in-person and online business packaged on the same website. I couldn’t see how these elements could be complimentary. 


Looking back, of course they are really just different branches on the same tree. They really compliment each other and could have the same client for all 3.


When we are in our own situation, it’s really hard to get a bigger perspective. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a coach! They can see your blind spots and offer an outside view to help you come to the realization that you may just be making something way more complicated than it need to be! 


If I had been able to see how and why all my offerings should go together, I could’ve saved a ton of time and money! Plus I could’ve set up really cool packages that incorporated everything so my clients could have an even better experience, or at least the option to. 


I know that now and that’s why I love to help others get out of the narrow path of perspective they’re going through. Because I’ve been there and I know how good it feels to get lifted above the walls and how much easier life can be when we get a shift in perspective. Getting coached is something I’ll always have in my business and life. I consider it a necessity.

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