Tips For Making Decisions

The fatigue from making decisions can take away from everything else creative. OR can be a convenient distraction.


Here are my top tips for getting clarity:

 1. Write it down and all the things you need to pull up from memory. I recently bought a course but before I did, I needed to look at all the courses I had bought in the past to make sure I didn’t already have the tools I needed (I’ve bought A LOT of courses). Don’t keep it in your head!

2. Write down what you want. Is this decision going to be a way to get you there? Or is it just a quick fix that’s not addressing what you really need? Write about it.


3. Have you checked out all the details? Do it. Reach out if you’re not clear.


  1. Get quiet. Meditate. Sleep on it. Clearing your head will do wonders for your intuition.


  1. Ask. Ask your intuition, guides, higher power, angels – whoever’s got your back and gives those nudges to do or not do things.


  1. Listen. I either hear it or feel it usually but if it’s a tough one I receive it with tools like a pendulum, oracle or tarot cards.

6. Finally, what’s the worst that could happen? If it works out, great. If not, you learn something. You are resilient and wise


If it’s a no, let it go.


If it’s a yes, make it work – commit and go all in.

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