How to Price a New Service

 When you have a new service, product or want to ask for a compensation amount for a new job, this can keep you spinning around for a while.  All these things can come up around money and the value that we GET to work through and evolve to a new level (peel back a new layer). 


Here’s a guide you can use that will help you work through pricing your new offer.


  1. What’s the first number that comes to mind?


How does that feel?


Good? Ok, move on to the next step.


Scary, uncomfortable?




Are you judging your work, or your clients’ financial situation? Or their ability to value your work enough to pay that amount?


  1. Does that number work to support you and feel good to offer this service for? If it doesn’t support you and your time enough, adjust it.


If it’s not supportive, it will feel draining to you and will affect the magic of your service too.


If you have a service business, you can offer it at the first number that feels comfortable for a few people then raise it a little for the next few and raise it again.

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