If rules help you create, use them. If they keep you stuck, let them go!

Having a container to work from or a guide can be liberating to create from. But sometimes the guide can have too much to think about and keep us from moving forward. 


In that case, fuggitabout it! 


Guides should be just that – a guide to move you forward. Don’t let them turn into striving for perfection. 


Sometimes I like to do things the total wrong way or opposite of what I’m supposed to do, just to see what happens and test the results. It’s a great way to break out of a rut of trying to do things the “right” way. 


I do this quite a bit with marketing and social media. I’m supposed to do things in the morning so I try them in the evening. I’m supposed to do reels so I do still photos. I’m supposed to do short posts, so I do long ones. And you know what, they all work.


I spent a lot of time overwhelmed with trying to do things like some courses taught me. It’s good to know what people who are successful at their expertise are doing. But it doesn’t mean it has to be the way YOU do it. 


If it doesn’t feel right for you (not just because you’re new at it and it’s growing pains), do it another way. 


Try something wild and different, even if it’s supposed to fail. 


There’s so much learning gold in failing – not only about the thing you’re doing but about yourself too.

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