I Left Social Media For Several Weeks, Here’s What Happened

I was on social media a lot. Contributing and consuming. I thought I had a semi-healthy balance, ok too much – I knew but didn’t really want to quit. It was a distraction that I enjoyed partaking in. 


Facebook and IG shutdown for a day. I thought maybe they got hacked so I took the apps off my phone. 


I spent a day without IG and FB as we all did. Then I didn’t put them back. For a week. 


I did other things with my idle time. Like consider my life and what I was doing and what I wanted to do. I gave it a deep meaningful time to unfold without the quick hits of distraction that chip away the chance of something profound being revealed. I wasn’t being influenced but inspired by my own life, instead of others. I got a lot of clarity, connection and inner inspiration from a more relaxed state.


The pressure to create content was gone! A pressure I’ve felt for years. 

The everyday content machine – when I’m putting it out I feel good and when I don’t I feel guilty and behind.


I felt the urge to call people (on the PHONE!) and see them in person.


I thought, “this is wonderful, can I do business without social media?!”. 


Turns out I can. 


All you need to get clients in your business is to talk to people. It doesn’t matter how. It really doesn’t matter who as long as you get variety and go in the vicinity of where your clients would hang out. You won’t always be talking to a potential client but you will probably be talking to someone who has a connection to one. And who knows what other types of magic or friendships might unfold. 


There are other ways too and I may just do a post or training on that later. Let me know if you’re interested.


I put the IG app back on after a week had passed. I was happy to see updates from a few people. So much had happened in a week. I realized the time had gotten away from me while I was in the app. So I stepped out again. I didn’t delete the app but I didn’t go back on except a few times over the next weeks to message with some people. I still haven’t added facebook back, only messenger to chat with a few people overseas.


I’ve created better boundaries with social media – I notice how I feel when I’m on it and when I have feelings I SHOULD be on it for business.


Social media is like the news sometimes – we get a feed of everything going on all over the world all at once. 


Our brains are not designed to know everything that’s going wrong in the world (or everyone’s opinion!). Just a few decades ago, we kept info pretty local. I think it’s great we have awareness of other places and people we don’t usually come in contact with – what they’re dealing with. But it’s a lot to take in. And it can become too much where we don’t feel like doing anything to help because there’s so much that needs to be done. 


A social media break is a great reset. If you are wondering what to do with your life, in a decision place, or feeling pressure and uninspired – get ye’self off of social media! 


Try it for a week (without bringing in other easy distractions) and see what kind of inspiration and clarity you get. 


Need help? Hit me up. I help clients get clear and connect to what business and life practices work best for them.

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