Questions to Ask at the End of the Week

Intentional weeks require reflection. It’s so easy to forget what we did – especially the things we did well. 


Weekly recaps help to round off/add closure to the week, take the lessons and the wins.


Here are some questions that I like to use. Make up your own if you like – check in to see how they make you feel.


  1. What can you celebrate that went well (big or small)?


  1. What’s something you’re proud of from this week (big or small)?


  1. What needs to be adjusted or worked on?


  1. What’s one habit you want to focus on for next week?


Write the answers down and put them where you can see them to remember and go back over them later – at the beginning of next week and then at the end of the month and year! You can do a monthly recap as well. You will not be wasting your time with this, I promise.

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