Calm the Chaos

My favorite thing to do when there’s a lot going on and uncertainty is all around (it’s always there!) :


S I M P L I F Y.


2 questions that help me get clear on what to do:


  1. What can I let go of or at least set aside for a while to see if I could let go of it?

A project, stuff, an idea, a belief, something stressing…


  1. How EASY can I let this be?

I have to ask this repeatedly when I’m doing something new or something I’ve ‘decided’ is unpleasant.


Bonus: Physically clearing up clutter, putting things in order and making space in my surroundings is an instant shift. Our space is energy and cluttered space has been scientifically proven to create more stress. So I’m mindful now of what I purchase and bring home.

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