5 Tips on Focusing – In Distracting Spaces for Distractible People

It is Distraction City when working from home. Here are some tools I use to tune in:


  1. Set a timer. For me, knowing it’s just a short time makes it easier to get started. Once I’m started it’s easier to keep going (with breaks). I use the Tide app. I like it because I can >>>


  1. Put on headphones and listen to ambient sounds or music (the Tide app has that too). I like listening to the Music For Airports album by Brian Eno or some ambient music for creativity like Kelly Howell’s Increase Creativity album. Just wind chimes or gentle percussion is good too.


  1. Move around to run out the excess or stagnant energy stored up in the body that might wanna move you to distraction. Dance it out. 


  1. Aromatherapy. Frankincense, Lime, Sandalwood, Black Spruce, Lemon, Cedarwood, and Rosemary are all good for focus and productivity. Mix a citrus with your choice of the woods. Dilute well and apply to temples, third eye, chest and feet.


  1. Chunk down your task to the smallest possible pieces & start with one bit. A big project can be overwhelming, which leads to avoidance that PRESENTS AS DISTRACTION.
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