Do less for more success?

When my clients want to do something new or bigger, they often want to do a lot to get there, in a short amount of time.


But when we humans try to do too much to make a change, we get resistance from our mind, body & emotions on top of the work that it actually takes to implement the change.


How do you know when you’re trying to do too much?


It can look like:


Too many directions to go in.


Running from one task to the other and feeling like you’re not moving forward.


Busy work without progress to the big picture.


Avoiding the work all together.


Feeling like you’re failing and losing confidence that it’s even possible for you.


On the other hand when we take it down to less, smaller, aligned steps, we get to integrate our nervous system to allow for a smooth, feel-good transition – that actually sticks!


And the really cool part is, the change can happen faster this way too.

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