You’re Just A Thought Away

Are you arguing for your success or are you arguing for your failure? And by failure I mean not continuing to try when you want something – as long as it’s not a person…if they aren’t interested, leave them alone.


What thoughts are you believing and what case are they presenting to your reality? 


We can always find evidence that we CAN or that we CAN’T. The thoughts we BELIEVE dictate how we show up.


You think “it’s too hard for you to do” – you don’t want to keep trying. Thinking it’s too hard feels heavy, uphill.


You think “there is a way” and you are OPEN to finding out – you keep going.


Something you’ve never done before – can be exciting or deter  you from doing it. It all depends on what thoughts you have about it that give you the feelings to act with.


And that has a direct influence on your outcome.


Is there something you could apply this to in your life?

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