Easy Power Cooking

I’m a big fan of not washing very many dishes. So, when I cook, most of the time I like to cook everything in the same pot. It’s super easy and I like that.

Here’s a sample of one of the many combos that I do. Put quinoa in the lightly salted water (just follow the amount on the package, plus a little extra water as needed for veggies) and let it cook while you cut up the veggies. Chop the veggies up to about the same size so they cook evenly, then put them in with the quinoa (not too long, so they stay bouncy), stir, and when it’s almost done, toss in the greens.

This one has quinoa, celery, carrots (multi-color), lima beans, beets, zucchini, onions, and baby power greens (kale, chard, and spinach), with fresh basil garnish (which I mixed in and ate, recommended). I topped this one on my plate with a little sea salt, pepper, lemon, a nice balsamic vinegar, and a little bit of raw olive oil. You can top it with other things as well, such as a marinara, tahini sauce, or a puree soup as a sauce as well.

Super healthy, vegan, no heated oils, tons of veggies, gluten free, packed with complete protein, and delicious!

See what kind of combos you can come up with in your pot, so many possibilities…

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