Weekend of Nature Surprise

For the Earth Day Weekend, I took a little trip up to the Sequoia National Forest (not as far as the Nat. Park) to see some giant trees. Only that’s not what actually happened.

When we got all the way up to the fork turning to the Trail of 100 Giants, there was a big CLOSED sign.

So we went down to the Fire Station and they said it was closed until May because there’s 4 feet of snow up there! Whoops!

Didn’t think of that. It was 74 degrees.

So we went for a hike along the Kern River instead. Also nice. Sometimes you just got to go with the flow, and who teaches that better than a roaring river!

I ended up getting a sunburn so I lavender oiled my skin when I got home. Did you know that lavender oil is amazing for burns? 

I always use it after too much sun, to soothe the pain and keep me from peeling. I also use it for kitchen burns when I touch a hot pan. It heals quickly and without a scar. It’s awesome!

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