The Easiest Way To Make Changes


I’ve always been a little resistant to the New Year’s resolutions because it’s so easy to make plans for the future, then figure out its actually hard to follow through in real life. Plus I’m a little bit of a rebel/contrarian so when everybody else is doing it, I don’t want to.

However, I have figured out a way to make sustainable changes and anytime of year is a good time to begin.

Create a small ritual to build on.

By doing just the smallest change daily, you are building trust and confidence with yourself that you can make changes and stick with them. Creating an enjoyable, simple and healthy ritual, I find is the best.

Something like:

5-10 minutes of meditation/mindfulness/stillness

Writing 5 or more things you’re grateful for, before breakfast

Adding extra time to your getting-dressed time to style your hair instead of pulling it back all day (if that makes you feel good)

7 minutes of movement (check out the 7 minute workout app – it’s harder than you think, so take breaks if you need to!)

Drinking 16 ounces of water upon waking

The important thing is that you adjust your schedule to fit your ritual in. Like for me, It usually takes me 30 minutes to get ready in the morning, so I’ve changed it to an hour now to fit in my self-care ritual. That means I go to bed earlier.

I’ve learned that most things that I do that would keep me up later (watching Netflix, social media, learning things on webinars I don’t implement because I’m too tired and forget it the next day) – they are not enhancing my life in the long run.

It’s not about big changes, it’s about tiny ones that are consistent. Those will give you the biggest results because they are sustainable.

Doing small actions everyday will move mountains in your life if you give them the time.

Essential Oils for creating change:

Douglas Fir – helps you leave behind patterns that are no longer serving you and embrace new ones that expand you. It brings wisdom.

Cypress – Powerfully opens congestion and removes blockages.

Cinnamon – Connects you to the power and passion of your soul.

Diffuse, or dilute to make a blend and apply topically from wrists to elbow crease, on heart center and midline of belly.


I’d love to hear what’s one thing you’re up to or working on for yourself this year?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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