Letting Go Of What Isn’t Working

You know when something isn’t working. It can be hard to let it go, so here I’ve got a step by step way for you to move on to better things.

The first thing you want to do is identify what isn’t working. A job, a client, a relationship, etc.?

Identify why it isn’t working. First do some searching and ask, “Is there something that I can do to change or improve this situation?”.

If you just go around ditching things that aren’t working without looking at yourself first, there’s going to be a lot of the same things that keep happening, because it’s something that you need to change. You’ll keep getting the same lesson until you do.

Are you communicating the issue that you have clearly? Are you hearing their side of the story and seeing how you can work with that?

Can you change your behavior to help the situation? Can you uplevel your habits or show up better? Can you change what you put up with or how you respond to the situation?

If you feel like you can’t or feel uncomfortable, is there someone else you can think of, who would be able to do the thing you know you should.

Try to channel that person in yourself. What would this person do? Let that come through you, act like that person for a moment to do that thing you need to do. This is really something that‘s within you, because we can never be something  that we don’t already have within us.

After you’ve done all this introspection and effort on your part, if it’s still not working, it’s time to let it go. That can be really scary because letting go means, you are jumping into the unknown and uncertainty is scary (or change the word to EXCITING).

I’ve coached a lot of people through this and I can’t think of a single example that hasn’t turned out to be a better situation, after they let go of what wasn’t working.

Here’s a question if you have trouble letting go: How much more of your life do you want to spend doing this thing that isn’t working? Days turn into years and years turn into decades and if you don’t change, you’re still doing that thing that’s not working.

Another thing that’s crucial is believing that you deserve better than this. If you’ve done everything that you can do to change this, then you do deserve better. You’ve got to have that belief within yourself so that you are able to seek out better things.

If something isn’t working out, that’s an energetic hint that you need to do something else. The more your resist taking that leap to change, the more uncomfortable you are going to be.

It helps to visualize what you want and write it down, so that you can be clear and see reminders daily.

Your brain will start seeking it out. Visualize it, over and over again. You can do it when you’re going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning. You have to believe it to see it.

Essential oils can help support us on a deep level in shifting and transition ing smoothly. Plant medicine works with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies.

Oil recommendations to help with letting go with confidence:

Juniper Berry –  It helps you to release fear. It helps you bring fears out of hiding.

Cardamom – helps you to see the big picture. Once we lift up out of the junk, then we can see what’s on that horizon. We can see what we are actually scared of and how it’s actually not scary when you get a bird’s eye view of it.

Lime – helps to bring courage from the soul. 

Bergamot – is great for helping you to realize that you are worthy and it helps with self-esteem and it’s just a lovely calming but uplifting oil.

Black Pepper – helps you to be honest about what’s not working with yourself and helps you to be honest of what’s not working with other people.

Hawaiian Sandalwood – quiets the mind and puts you in your heart space which helps to let go of what isn’t working because the heart will always tell you.

Cedarwood – helps you to breathe calmly.

Cinnamon – is bold and powerful. It helps you to stand in your power. When you stand in your power, you aren’t going to put up with stuff that isn’t working. Cinnamon helps you stand in your power. (Caution: cinnamon is a hot oil, dilute heavily if applying to skin)

You can make a blend, you can diffuse them, you can apply them topically. Always dilute for topical applications with a carrier oil; I prefer fractionated coconut oil. Just put some carrier oil on your hand and do a drop of essential oil and then rub together and apply it topically: wrists, back of neck, heart center, wherever your intuition tells you, and inhale deeply from your hands.

It’s important to use real, unadulterated oils to get the benefits and to make sure you get them from a reliable source. If you want to learn more about oils please visit my Essential Oils page.

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