Falling Off The Wagon

I can’t believe it’s almost March already! It’s crazy how quickly a year can fly by and I still have so many amazing things I want to create.

One of my big resolutions for 2015 is to go to a class and exercise 3 days a week, no matter what.

The other days in between I do a light to medium workout on my own.

And I found a cool trick!
If I make sure to schedule it in with a friend, I go! Even the instructor expects me in class now.

But if no one’s expecting me to show up for a work out in the morning… the bed wins.

There’s something so powerful and magical about being accountable to someone else so we can create those big changes in our lives and not “fall off the wagon”.

It also helps to have a step-by-step plan so we know what to do and can follow through.



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