8 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Everyday

Drinking water! We should be made up of about 65% H2o. Here’s why you should drink at least half your lbs. of body weight in ounces of fresh water daily.

1. Skin

Beautiful, glowing and bouncy skin doesn’t come from being dehydrated. If you have skin problems, this is a good, fundamental thing to look into.
You’ve seen a thirsty plant right? Same thing happens when we need to drink more water. Wrinkles become more pronounced, blemishes appear and dark circles form under the eyes.

2. Breath

Bad breath? You could be dehydrated. That’s good news because all you have to do is drink more water. Try flossing too though…

3. Liver

The liver filters out toxins in our body and processes nutrients from food. It’s a lot easier to process waste when it’s diluted and easy to move.
When the liver isn’t working properly you may experience: depression, fatigue, headaches, sleep disorders, obesity, allergies and worse things. Don’t find out what those are, just drink more water.

4. Kidneys

Drinking water reduces your risk of kidney stones (ouch) and other kidney issues like infections. Your pee should be really light yellow to clear. Dark and strong smelling pee is a sure sign you are dehydrated and you’re kidneys are not happy!

5. Digestion

Water helps with digestion and also with feeling full. Often times we think we’re hungry but our body is really telling us it’s thirsty. Try reaching for a big glass of water to see if you still need a snack.

6. Colon

A dehydrated colon is a cranky colon. Without adequate water, it becomes harder to move that food you just worked so hard to process out of the body. Water makes everything a little smoother and helps to get things out at a good pace.
It’s great to start your day off with a big glass of water and also if you’re feeling constipated to keep chugging that magic elixir.

7. Brain

The brains of the operation. Also loves water! Water helps keep the mind sharp for problem solving, math, attention and creativity. If you’re feeling foggy headed or like you have a brain block try reaching for a water and see how that feels.

8. Connective tissues

Muscles, joints, bones, tendons and ligaments all feel better when they are hydrated. That backache you’re feeling could be telling you you are thirsty. To keep the body feeling young and springy keep it hydrated!

“Yeah, ok, I know I should be drinking more water but the taste is boring”, you say.

Don’t worry, I gotcha.

Here are some ways to PARTY UP YOUR WATER:

Lemon cherry twist – Add lemon slices and cut cherries for a tart and tangy water masquerade.

Herb it up –  Put some leaves and stems of mint, basil or rosemary in your glass for a cool and classy cocktail of health.

Spa in a glass –  Water with lemon, orange and cucumber is so delish! Cut several slices of lemon, cucumber and orange, put it in a pitcher or in a reusable water bottle and take it with you. You can refill it several times and enjoy the flavor of spa all day long! Change daily.

Combine any of the above suggestions for an all out crazy-a** water party!

Hydrated is the new orange, now go get your drink on!

(Always wash your fruit and herbs and change them out of your water container daily)




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