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Health is our most precious and valuable asset that we have while we’re here on this planet.

To live a purposeful life and really be of service in the world, then we need to be people who take amazing care of ourselves.
That means that we can model that for our friends, family, children and future generations.
This is why I am so passionate about this work because I know that when our mind, body and spirit are in alignment with health, it makes us unstoppable out in the world.

6 Ways To Feel Good This Week


How do you want to feel? We don’t always know what we want or how an outcome will turn out. Often things turn out completely different than we can even imagine. So the important thing is feeling: knowing our desired feeling. For example: confident, effervescent, free, alive. Get creative and descriptive with it.

Here are some things you can do to help you on your way:

Turn off the TV. News and commercials dictate what we think about. They tell us we should be fearful or we’re not quite good enough and if we buy this or that, we will be better. Be the captain of your own mind. Read something uplifting and inspiring instead.

Eat for fuel and building your cells. Nourish yourself. Does it come in a package? Can you pronounce ingredients?

Exercise to support your body. Growing up, I always saw exercise as a way to get physical results like weight loss or sculpting and this was just not sustainable for me because it had an end goal in mind. Exercise supports us and can increase our happiness, flexibility, youthfulness, immune system and energy throughout our lifetime. Seeing it as that can keep you going.

Think about 10 things that you’re grateful for when you wake up and go to bed. Often times we have more good things going our way than we give credit to. Focus on what is good in your life to expand. Think about something nice you like about yourself and give yourself credit for that.

Connect with someone that brings you joy. Maybe it’s someone you haven’t talked to in a while; reach out to them and let them know you’re thinking about them.

Compliments. Play a game with yourself and try giving out as many genuine compliments as you can to people, even strangers. When we compliment other people, they feel good and it actually causes us to feel good, increasing our confidence as well. By giving out compliments we create a positive ripple effect around us.

5 Ways To Travel Healthy

Last week I went out of town to the doTERRA convention in Utah and had so much fun learning about the new scientific discoveries with essential oils from the medical panel there, among other things. When I travel I like to stay as healthy as possible so I can enjoy my journey. Here are some healthy travel hacks I use to stay on point.


Pack healthy food – Airport and airplane food can be not so great in the health and taste department. I always pack at least one meal in a travel container, along with snacks. I do this with trips abroad too, so no trip is too big for this strategy. Foods I like to pack are ones that can hold up for several hours on their own, like salads (lentil, quinoa or farro), Veggie-full sandwich (with toasted bread), fruit, washed and cut up veggies with hummus or cashew cheese and healthy bars.

Get hydrated, big time – Drink extra water before you leave. This will put you in the plus on hydration so you don’t have to play catch up when you’re on the go. If you can drink coconut water, even better. It will get you super hydrated and nourished so you have less jet laggy feelings. On the plane, skip the sodas, coffee and tea. Those will dehydrate you even more than the cabin air. Opt for water instead.

Elevate – When you get to your hotel, elevate your feet by lying on the bed like you’re sitting on the wall with your feet up towards the ceiling. Keep them up there for 10 minutes or however long feels good. It will reduce swelling in the legs and feet and also calm and balance adrenal function naturally.

Bring essential oils – Use oils to feel grounded even when up in a plane. Oils like Spruce, White Fir and Frankincense will bring a sense of calm and centeredness. Oils like Eucalyptus and peppermint can help with sinus issues from stuffy cabin air. Ginger and Peppermint can help with digestive issues. I always bring a travel diffuser with me so I can set the mood in my hotel room. Diffusing oils for sleep, relaxation, feeling cozy or to clean the air is always a nice little luxury to have when away from home.

Go to the grocery store – A lot of hotel rooms have a fridge that you can fill up with healthy food for breakfast, snacks and tea so you don’t have to be forced to eat what the nearby restaurants are serving. Restaurants are fun for sure but if you can get in some whole, healthy foods along with that, you’ll have a leg up on staying well. I like getting things like trail mix, veggies (snap peas are great snacks), fruits, real oatmeal, and dips like hummus and almond butter.

Do you have any healthy travel tips? If so, leave them in the comments below.

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