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Health is our most precious and valuable asset that we have while we’re here on this planet.

To live a purposeful life and really be of service in the world, then we need to be people who take amazing care of ourselves.
That means that we can model that for our friends, family, children and future generations.
This is why I am so passionate about this work because I know that when our mind, body and spirit are in alignment with health, it makes us unstoppable out in the world.





Cauliflower Alfredo Pasta

IMG_1708We’ve been eating too much Vegenaise around here since the potato salad from 4th of July (they only had the grape seed oil one in large size!) and I’m not trying to get a Body By Vegenaise, so I wanted to make something light, healthy and lowfat for dinner. I whipped up this plate of deliciousness:

Brown rice pasta with a fresh bunch of spinach, split peas, a cauliflower Alfredo sauce and topped with fresh tomatoes from the garden.

This was so good! Light and satisfying.


Start with dried split peas (they take the longest). Rinse and gently boil with a teaspoon of salt for about 25 minutes until soft. Strain and rinse.


While peas are cooking you can make everything else.


Cook 4 cups of fresh or frozen cauliflower with half a finely chopped onion in lightly salted water until soft.


Strain the cauliflower out to dry but keep the water. Let it cool a bit then blend it with about 1/2 a cup of the cooking water. Add 1 clove of raw garlic to the blend.


Add about a 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon of nutritional yeast to give it more cheesy flavor. Add more salt and ground pepper if you like too.


Cook pasta in a pot of water with 1 tsp salt and chop 3 handfuls of spinach. Right before pasta is done, throw the spinach in for about 1 minute. Strain it all.


Mix it all together (you might have extra sauce so add it to your taste) top with tomatoes and eat it up!

(You can top with a little bit of raw olive oil if you want it a bit richer).

How To Get What You Really Want

The other day I was on a conference call and I decided to go outside and prune my roses so I could get 2 things done at once. I was holding the dead leaves I cut off and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I thought a little thorn had stuck me but I looked and it was actually a bee stinger with the bee just a few inches over next to it.

I haven’t been stung by a bee in a long time and I forgot, it really freakin’ hurts! I dropped the phone on the ground (with the conference still going) and ran inside to put a lavender and chamomile oil compress on it.

As I was sitting there with a burning, throbbing hand I realized that bee was giving me a message: I shouldn’t be multi-tasking. If I was just pruning the roses, I would’ve noticed the bee was sitting in my hand.

When we divide our attention, we divide our intelligence and the tasks at “hand” suffer. It also creates more stress because we’re “beeing” (ok sorry, last one) split in several directions.

This happens to coincide with a book I’m reading called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It’s about figuring out what’s really important and cutting out all the non-essential stuff that takes our time and energy away from what we actually want. Creating a life by design instead of a life by default.
It’s like this, Non-essentialists say: “I have to”, “it’s all important” and “I can do both”. 

Essentialists say: “I choose to”, “only a few things matter” and “I can do anything but not everything”. 

When we cut out the non-essential stuff, we have more time to do what we want, play (an activity that helps with creativity, clarity, productivity, stress reduction and keeps us healthy) and spend time with people we enjoy, while getting more of what really matters accomplished.

“When we forfeit our right to choose, someone else will choose for us.” -Greg McKeown

Your life is going to happen no matter what, so be mindful of your desires and say no to what you don’t want.

By taking a little bit of time to ask yourself what you want to create with your energy, it will open up a whole lot of space for joy, fun and fulfillment. 
So I challenge you to write down: What’s really important to you, what do you want to create with your time and what do you want to get rid of? Where can you fit in more fun and connection, less distractions and obligations.

Give yourself 5 minutes right now to do it. You’re worth it!


How To Strengthen Your Intuition

human-723579_1280Intuition. You know it’s in there somewhere but it feels like a phone line to Siberia. You want to be able to tap into that infinite wisdom you should have access to but there is so much wavering in your mind when you try.

As children we tend to have a clearer connection to it. When we grow up, we start to doubt and lose touch with it. Because ya know, growing up is hard and can do a number with self doubt, squashing some of our gifts that we came here with. Worry no more though, you can be reunited with a little bit of love, patience and intuition therapy.

Start listening. We never lose our intuition but when we don’t trust it over time, it becomes harder to connect with. If you want to get back in touch, start small. When you think you hear it telling you something, explore that and go with it. Trust builds on itself, so baby step your way back to letting your intuition know that you’re all ears.

Eat clean, whole, phytonutrient dense foods. When we’re full of junk food, processed food, meat, dairy and alcohol it makes us sluggish and foggy headed. Raise your vibration with foods like dark leafy greens, multi-colored veggies (eat the rainbow!), fresh fruits, avocados and fill in the rest with whole grains like brown rice, quinoa (actually a seed), oats and legumes like lentils, lima beans and peas. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Hydration is the answer to so many of life’s problems.

Get your sleep on. Not only is it good for your body and all of it’s systems and organs, it helps to have a clearer mind. When we’re tired it’s harder to trust our inner voice. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” – Vince Lombardi.

Essential oils. Frankincense, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Lavender are great for getting you feeling grounded so you can trust your intuition. They are also good for activating the pineal gland in our brain, known as our third eye (it even has rods and cones like our others). This is said to be the where our intuition is seen. High quality essential oils will be much more effective.

Meditate. Quieting, centering and focusing your mind at least once a day can give you a direct link to your higher, wiser self. It’s hard to hear with all of the noise that goes on in our daily lives. Putting crystals around you or on your body during meditation can increase results. There are many that will work like amethyst, clear quartz, iolite, sodalite and celestite to name a few. Use your intuition to chose. Whatever you pick is the right one for you!


Turmeric To The Rescue

As I was walking to Trader Joe’s tonight, I noticed my forearms were achy and tingly. Maybe (probably) from doing burpees and throwing sandbags yesterday in my “Back To The Future” themed workout (my workout coach likes to keep things “fun”). So when I got home I decided to make a turmeric tea.

Turmeric is a powerhouse spice that has been found to help with pain, inflammation, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, skin disorders, Alzheimer’s and cancer. I’ve seen a lot of articles on it and came across yet another one today. Here’s an excerpt:

“Turmeric has the ability to selectively target cancer stem cells, which are at the root of cancer, while having little to no toxicity on normal stem cells, which are essential for tissue regeneration and longevity.” Click here for the article.

Are you thinking you might like to try some turmeric tea? I got my special recipe right here for ya:

Turmeric Tea (serves 2)
1 1/2 Cups Filtered Water
1 1/2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk or Coconut Milk
2 Tsp. Turmeric Powder
1 Tsp. Maca powder (optional)
1 Tsp. Cinnamon powder
1 Tsp. Pure Maple Syrup
1 slice of ginger
Put all ingredients in a pot on the stove and cook on medium to heat until it comes to a simmer. Stir to blend out powdered ingredient chunks while heating (may require a whisk).
Pour in some mugs and sip the goodness.


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