Money Mindset VIP Days and Workshops


Remove money blocks, create a new, empowering money story and own your worth.

In this half day intensive, we’ll create a fresh, empowering success mindset for you — shifting your beliefs and actions in the process — so you quickly begin creating new and exciting results in your business.

The Money Mindset Makeover will help you:

  • Release limiting money beliefs and transform the negative self talk that has held you back from achieving your full potential in your business.

  • Discover the value of your work so you can free yourself from undercharging or over delivering.

  • Create an unshakeable ‘Premium State of Mind’ so you begin confidently charging what your work is worth.

  • Let go of doing the things that are no longer serving you and your vision for your business (we’ll get clear on that vision too!)

The breakthroughs and steps you’ll walk away will be uniquely yours. 

You’ll complete the day feeling energized about your business, with clarity about what to do next.


A VIP Intensive is done 1-on-1 virtually with me and is like months of coaching all rolled into a special half day.

The Group Intensive is a small group also done virtually. Same powerful content, just not as much individual attention.




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When I first started coaching with Jill, my biggest problem was the money mindset and what was possible, I knew it was possible but I didn’t embody it. I am now much further than I’ve ever been with my abundance mindset.

Jill helped me with the challenge of having a sales conversation. She modeled that it could be free flowing, sincere and compassionate, as opposed to a hard sell or a I’m-after-the-money greed thing. Her modeling was exactly what I needed. Her enthusiasm, patience and support has greatly helped with this challenge and she gets me.

Coaching has been a good decision because it has expanded my business and my mindset in ways that I needed to expand, deeply feeling into being that CEO of my business and taking ownership.

I’m no longer trying to follow what other coaches are saying in their email marketing, “you should do it this way!” These coaches are marketing around pain points, and it drags you down. I was swimming in that for a while but Jill’s coaching has helped me out of that.

It’s about what you do in the world and how you show up because we all have something super unique to offer. Our ideal clients are out there that resonate specifically for us.

Definitely work with Jill because she is a fun, compassionate and skilled coach that makes it easy to have insights and breakthrough in whatever you’re talking about.

Mindy Schlimgen

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We’ll find out if you’re a good fit for the Money Mindset Makeover and I can answer any questions you have. There’s never pressure to enroll if you aren’t feeling it because I love to work with clients who are committed and excited to do the work and get results. High pressure sales are gross and don’t benefit anyone in the long run.

    Jill is a powerful, transformational, intuitive coach. She holds me accountable and actually helps me take massive action, which is the #1 thing that leads to massive results. She has helped me grow exponentially, and I wouldn’t be where I am now in my business without her. She is indispensable and if you want to make YOUR life & biz dreams a reality, you need to have her on your team as your coach. Your wealthier, happier, future Self will thank you!

    Leila Hossein-Khani

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