When you share your well-crafted stories, your audience goes from cold to cozy quickly. They get your vibe and remember nuances about you.


We humans love stories, it’s in our DNA.

If you’re a business owner who has an audience to talk to (big or small), you probably already know you want to tell stories that people relate to so they can connect with you and feel how you can help them.

You might also know what it’s like to draw a blank on what to share, not know what’s relatable or how much or little details to put in.

That’s why I created The Story Directing Playroom.

Where we play through my 3 part process of Mine, Refine and Shine.

  • Mine your unique stories for confidence and connection.
  • Refine to dial them in keep them focused and relatable.
  • Shine your authentic story out in the world where your audience LOVES your stuff and wants to work with you because they CONNECT.

1:1 sessions to excavate your stories.

Here’s how it goes:

Story Directing Playroom

⭐️ I’ll help you pull out and craft 2 mini stories (storybits) to share with your audience to tie into what you offer.

⭐️ For social media, podcasts, speaking, webinars, etc.

⭐️ Get the right amount of details to keep people engaged and leave out unnecessary ones that causes eyes to glaze over.

1 hour 1:1 session for crafting 2 mini story ideas to run with.



Story Directing Testimonials

“I loved being able to talk through a hurricane of ideas and have you connect the dots and untangle the threads. It was so helpful how you were able to organize my ideas into a unifying theme and supporting story ideas. The questions you asked me about what I believed before vs now was hugely helpful in identifying story arcs. I also love how you confirmed that my stories were resonant!”

– Jaime Blair, Copywriter for Coaches


“I loved that Jill really listened. Because of that I feel she was able to help me extract so much detail from my journey that I had not thought was important. She also gave me a fresh perspective on how I can tell me story and infuse both my heath and wellness journey and mindset journey into one.”

– Caren Cooper, Health & Mindset Coach


“The feedback I received was very helpful even about my story on my website and where I can improve it where it will have a bigger impact on my audience. I realized that I didn’t need to put it all in one story. I now have two strong stories about my journey that I feel great about and like telling.”

– Jocelyne Bilodeau, Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist


“Jill has such a calming presence. She isn’t makes you feel comfortable expressing yourself. It’s like she hears things you can’t. She has a magical way of speaking your story back to you with just the right reflections to create depth and meaning and even revelations! She is magical. She the unicorn of storytelling.”

– Veronica Drake, Clarity Coach


“I love that I was able to take away key stories to share that directly tie back to my business and the services I offer yet still open up the doors a little to myself without making feel uncomfortable or feel like I’m sharing anything too personal.”

– Ashley Winder, Copywriter for purpose-driven businesses


“I loved the questions you asked. They were deep and they really helped me look at my story from a fresh perspective. I loved it when you asked me to reflect on the thoughts that were going through my mind when I made the decision to quit my job and you helped me dig out the important questions I asked myself at that crucial moment.”

– Mary Adanegbe, Linked In Coach


“Talking about ideas is SO much easier for me than writing about them, and your questions/prompts helped me dig deeper than I had on my own — sort of like a therapist for ideas, lol. And getting your feedback on what was interesting/relevant (or not) was helpful.”

– C.D.,  Graphic Designer


“This call reinforced that something that I’ve long known – sitting down to write feels scary/imposter syndrome-y, but telling someone about my work/origin story/transformation process is really easy for me. I found it very beneficial to have you ask questions, pull more info/thoughts out of me, and to redirect me back to the goal.”

– Jennifer Jayne, Success Coach + Biz Stategist


“Jill gauged my goals and informed me how the Story Directing session would work. Jill had developed questions sparked by her curiosity to bring out highlights, snippets, and soundbytes of my story without getting lost in too many details. A robust story can be told without verbosity. <– aha!”

– Melissa Whiteford St. Clair, Poet, advocate for social justice

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