Did you know? 

Since World War II, about 80,000 new commercial synthetic chemicals have been released into our environment, with 1500 new chemicals released annually. Most of these have NOT been tested for their impacts on human health or their particular impacts on children or developing fetuses.

That’s why it is so important to reduce our toxic load as much as possible.


When I started reading labels on my food, skin and body care and household products, I was amazed at all of the crap that was in them. Even products that seemed natural had stuff I didn’t want in them. So I made an overhaul of all of my products. I actually make a lot of my own now.

I use essential oils in almost everything. They are super effective and safe. I also use them to keep myself healthy. I use them to keep my immune system strong, my skin happy, my energy up and my mind at ease. I can’t imagine life without them now. Essential oils are my preventative super powers.

Maybe you’ve already tried essential oils. You might already have some you bought at the store or online. Maybe they didn’t give you the results you wanted or you weren’t totally sure how to use them.

Does it really matter what type of oils we use?


There are so many different oil companies out there. It can be overwhelming. Since there is no standardized regulation on quality in essential oils, I was surprised when I found out just how many oils are not 100% pure, even though they say it right on the label. Crazy, right?!

I have been using only doTERRA since I started researching the quality oils. Because quality makes a huge difference. If you’ve been using oils and haven’t been getting results, there’s a reason why.

Here are a few of the reasons why I use doTERRA:

  • Each batch of doTERRA’s oil goes through eight different testing processes by a third-party laboratory and surpasses USDA organic standards. You can smell the quality difference.
  • doTERRA is committed to sourcing the best oils in the world, direct from the growers. They are committed to ethical sourcing practices with their Co-Impact Sourcing and are doing wonderful things to support the communities that they source from.
  • doTERRA is a heart-centered company that gives back with their humanitarian efforts. Some of their projects include: Operation Underground Railroad, Days For Girls, earthquake relief in Nepal and Mentors International Micro-Lending, just to name a few. I love partnering with a company that has larger vision and is committed to giving back.
  • Their products work consistently and are trusted by leading health practitioners.

Here’s how you can get started using these pure essential oils:

I recommend starting with a kit that has some of the most popular oils – you’ll get a discount, and a wholesale membership that’s included for free.

You’ll get a variety of oils and blends, so you will have them on hand when you need them for different situations. It’s better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them. I’ve learned this the hard way!

With a wholesale account you can SAVE 25-55% on everything you buy, now and in the future (believe me, you’re gonna want more oils).

There is NO monthly obligation to purchase or sell anything with a wholesale account.

You will also receive with your kit:

  • My special Welcome Package
  • A free 30 minute one-on-one phone or live video appointment with me to go over your specific needs and how to properly use the products safely, for the best results
  • Exclusive training, support and recipes from my team and me
  • Special promotions and the ability to receive free products

To order:

  • Pick out a kit below then click here to access my secure doTERRA site
  •  Select your language and country
  • Select “Wholesale Customer” if you just want to use the products or select Wellness Advocate if you’d like to earn an income.
  • The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in with my name for you but if not, enter 1239668 in both boxes so I can be sure to help support you.
  • Input your contact/shipping info
  • Select your kit
  • Select shipping method and input billing info
  • Click “Process Order Now”
  • You’ll get a confirmation email from doTERRA, and then emails from me that will show you how to access our team support resources and to set up our phone or live video appointment to get you acquainted with oils and your membership.

The Family Essentials Kit

5 mL bottles of: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue blend, Breathe blend, DigestZen blend, On Guard blend

  • On Guard Beadlets
  • Peppermint Beadlets

$150 – Save $37

The Home Essentials Kit

Larger 15 mL bottles of: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, Breathe blend, DigestZen blend, On Guard blend

  • 5 mL bottle of Deep Blue Soothing Blend
  • Petal Essential Oil Diffuser

$275 – Save $86.25

The Aromatouch Diffused Kit

5 mL bottles of: Lavender, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Wild Orange, AromaTouch Blend, Balance Blend, Deep Blue Blend, On Guard blend

  • Petal Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

$150 – Save $32


What if I don't want to get a kit?

You don’t have to. If you’d like to get wholesale prices, the membership fee is $35 on its own (like Costco), and then you can order whatever individual oils or products you’d like at wholesale prices. Most people start with a kit because a) the membership fee is automatically included b) the kits give you an even better deal than wholesale pricing alone. If ordering wholesale without a kit just select the “Introductory Enrollment Kit” in the enrollment kit section.

What's the difference between a Wholesale Customer and a Wellness Advocate?

A Wholesale Customer receives wholesale pricing (25%-55% off), their own account, and all the perks and free products offers that come with being a doTERRA member. However, a wholesale customer can’t receive commissions for sharing doTERRA products with others.

A Wellness Advocate has the same discount and perks as a wholesale customer but also has the possibility of sharing oils with others and earning an income.

If you aren’t sure which one to pick, I suggest starting as a Wholesale Customer. You can always do a free upgrade to a Wellness Advocate at a later time.

Do I have to order every month with a wholesale account?

Absolutely not. As a wholesale member, you can order as often or as little as you like.

If you do plan on ordering frequently, be sure to join the Loyalty Rewards program. It’s like a “frequent flyer” program where you can earn free oils and products when you place a customizable monthly order. This program is completely optional and I can explain it to you when we chat.

If I sign up with a wholesale account, do I have to sell anything?

No way, Jose! Most people that have a wholesale account with doTERRA are not doing this as a business. They just love the products and want to get them at the best price.

Creating an income from sharing oils is super fun and fulfilling, but it is definitely not a requirement. If you just want to use your wholesale membership to purchase oils for yourself and your family, you are in good company. No one is going to bug you about it.

What if I just want to buy something retail?

You can go right over to my retail shop here. Go to the SHOP tab at the top to get started.

What if I want to join your doTERRA business team?

Come over here to this page: Join My Team

More Questions?

Let’s talk. You can email me here or send me a text at 424-209-9716. If it’s a quick question we can write it, if not we can hop on the phone.

I look forward to welcoming you into our community and helping you experience these plant-powered gifts!

The offers on this page are for those who do not already have an existing wholesale account with doTERRA.

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